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At Liberson, you are signing up to be an owner of a Liberson website. Liberson is different from Big Tech like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube because they only permit you to be a user renting a space in their centralized platform. In other words, Big Tech owns you. With Liberson, in contrast, you own it. Once you sign up with Liberson, you can host your own Liberson site within your computer at home or within the Liberson cloud. Either way, your private data, your conversations, and your connections are safe within the Liberson data vault--and everything is encrypted end to end. Even Liberson cannot access your data or website. Your Liberson software and communication tools also allow you to connect with other Liberson owners in a decentralized network. And that's not all: even if the Liberson site goes down, you can still communicate with your contacts. We built Liberson with the belief that the only way to be liberated from Big Tech's control is to make everyone online an owner of their own social media platform. Join us in this free speech revolution!

Liberson's mission

is to liberate the internet from corporate and authoritarian control by offering everyone in the world their own encrypted social media platform and private online data vault. No payment required.

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Liberson Agora

is an open marketplace of ideas where Liberson co-owners can meet new people, find new inspiration, and attract new followers to their personal social media platforms.

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Liberson Symposia

is a cultivated forum dedicated to promoting human dignity, individual liberty, religious freedom, intellectual discovery, economic prosperity, the natural family, and the common good.

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Current social media enables Big Tech companies to monitor all of your actions, content, and connections and to mine and sell your data to advertisers without your permission. It is centralized and externally controlled.

What if there was a Social Media that couldn't see or abuse your data?

Liberson is private by design

  • Secure your data inside a Personal Data Vault. Host it online, move it to your cloud, or host it by yourself.
  • Your profile, contacts, content, and actions are encrytpted and stored in your vault and can only be accessed by you.
  • We give you a decentralized app that is installed in your vault. This app belongs to you and enables decentralized connection with your friends.
  • Liberson Agora is a virtual public square where user content can go viral and you can meet other people to connect with.

Our Three Pillars


Own your speech

Own your network

Own your data


Encrypt Your Data

Prevent Data Mining

Protect your School & Organization's data


Free Your Speech

Free from censorship

Free to Do Business

How it Works

You Own It

Once you sign up with Liberson, you own it. Your private data, your conversations, and your connections are in your Liberson data vault.

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You Cannot Be Banned

Your data is kept inside your Personal Data Vault. Liberson cannot access it or remove it.

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We Cannot See Your Data

Nobody, including Liberson, can access your Personal Data Vault.

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We install our decentralized app on your vault. The decentralized protocol makes sure you're in contact with your friends even if Liberson is offline.

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  • Liberson is for anyone who wants to protect themselves from data mining and censorship by becoming an owner of their own encrypted social media platform and private online data vault.

  • Analogous to everyone on the planet having his or her own individual cell phone number, Liberson’s goal is to give everyone their own individual social media platform — a platform contained within a personal online data vault. Think of it as being the owner of one’s own online home. Indeed, that’s why we use the term “co-owners” to describe Liberson users. Your social media platform and private data vault truly belong to you—and only you.

  • You and you alone. It is yours to store, share, delete, or sell (see “Can I make money on Liberson?” below). Liberson cannot sell or share your content and data with anyone because it has several layers of encryption and is stored in your own personal data vault, which neither we nor anyone else has access to.

  • Your content and data are protected by multiple layers of encryption. No one can access your information without your express consent, and no one—not even Liberson—can “close you down” once you’ve created your account.

  • Traditional social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are applications which permit users to log onto a centralized platform that belongs to the respective company. This central location is where all user data, behaviors, connections, and content are stored, monitored, mined for data, and sold to anybody willing to pay. Each user's personal content can also be deleted without notice, banned from sharing, and removed permanently from the site. This can result in years of personal information and connections being discarded for any arbitrary reason the Big Tech platform chooses. To Liberson, this is analogous to breaking into your home, stealing your pictures, looking through your personal belongings, and kicking out “unwanted” guests.

    Liberson, in contrast, is decentralized social media. Instead of giving you a "page," we give you your own personal social media platform and private data vault, which includes the software you need to connect directly to others. Your vault is your own personal online storage where you keep your data, connections, and content. It belongs to you, not to Liberson or anyone else. Indeed, Liberson cannot even see your content unless you opt to share it publicly. Even then, we could only view your content; because it is encrypted and housed in your own data vault, we could never remove it from your personal platform. We also do not have the ability “to turn off” your platform for the same reason. What's more, you can also choose to download and store your platform and vault wherever you'd like, including personal servers in your home.

  • As a service to our co-owners, Liberson provides an online public meeting space called Liberson Agora. Here co-owners can publicly share their content and explore content from other co-owners. This is also where co-owners can make new connections and attract new followers to their own personal social media platforms. Your private data vault (what we also call your “private data pod”) also gives you decentralized sharing capabilities—even if Liberson Agora were to go down or be taken offline temporarily, you and your connections would not be affected.

  • Liberson Symposia is a cultivated forum dedicated to promoting human dignity, individual liberty, religious freedom, intellectual discovery, economic prosperity, the natural family, and the common good. The Symposia is integrated with Liberson Agora but also distinct from it. We choose to include public content in the Symposia from co-owners who most aptly express and advance Liberson’s core values.

  • Content contributions to Liberson Symposia are on an invitation-only basis. However, contributions to Liberson Agora are open to all Liberson co-owners, provided that the content contains no illegal or morally objectional material. It is also important to stress that, while Liberson does monitor the content in both Agora and Symposia, we do not monitor the content located on co-owners’ personal social media platforms. What you say and how you say it in your own digital home, and to the guests you’ve invited into your digital home, is your choice. (Please also see “How does Liberson handle illegal/objectionable content?” below.)

  • Liberson is the only company that enables you to own your own social media platform that you and you alone control. Every other company, including those that tout their commitment to free speech, merely “rents” you a room in their own digital platform; you “pay” for your account by serving as a captive audience for their advertisers. Moreover, since your social media account belongs to them, your content remains vulnerable to censoring and cancelation. Liberson, in contrast, gives you your own social media home and the only key that can access and share it. With Liberson, you truly are uncancelable. Also, you will never see advertisements on your platform unless you choose to sell your content to advertisers.

  • Yes. It is free to set up your own account (what we call becoming a Liberson co-owner), free to post your own content, free to explore other co-owner’s public content, and free to browse Liberson Agora and Liberson Symposia.

  • Yes! In a future rollout of the Liberson software, Liberson co-owners will be able to generate revenue on their personal social media platforms if they choose to do so. Liberson’s revenue-generation model differs from traditional models in three ways:

    1. Co-owners have full control over whether advertisements appear on their personal social media platforms and what advertisements can appear. You will never have to see an unwanted advertisement next to your content again!
    2. Co-owners keep 90% of all revenues generated by clicks on advertisements; the remaining 10% goes to Liberson to cover transaction costs.
    3. Because Liberson never mines for or sells your data, we encourage advertisers to find co-owners who fit their business demographics (e.g., outdoor supply companies looking for co-owners who post about camping, hunting, fishing, etc.). Liberson will also provide advertising brokers to assist co-owners with selling access to their content and can be involved in the process as much (or as little) as co-owners choose. Ad sales can also be completely automated, as well. As noted above, if the co-owner agrees to a sale, they keep 90% of the money any click generates on a pay-per-click model. Co-owners can also negotiate with advertisers and refuse any ads they do not want on their personal social media platform. In short, the sale of advertisements is a business relationship between the co-owner and the advertiser — not the advertiser and Liberson.
  • Yes! Liberson’s mission is to give everyone in the world their own personal social media platform and private data vault independently of their ability to pay. We would greatly appreciate your one-time or monthly financial support to advance this mission! To do so, please click here.

  • It is essential to keep in mind that all posts on the private social media platform belong to the co-owners; therefore, co-owners are solely responsible for the legality of the posts that are located in their private data vaults. Liberson cannot delete or remove these posts because we do not have access to them. However, much like illegal content on a home computer, they are bound by federal laws. The co-owner is thus solely responsible for any criminality stemming from their private content and data, including shared content and data.

    Liberson Agora, on the other hand, is a public forum under Liberson’s control. If co-owners choose to share their posts on the Agora, Liberson is legally bound to monitor, remove, and/or block any content deemed illegal by the FCC. In that case, these images will be removed from the public forum immediately, and users may lose their right to share in the forum. However, while Liberson can and will remove objectionable content from its public forum, it remains the case that we cannot remove any content from co-owners’ personal social media platforms and data vaults. Co-owners assume full responsibility for all content and data that belongs to them in their respective vaults.